Andor Losonczy

LosonczyAndor Losonczy was born in 1932 in Budapest and, as the son of the composer and pianist L. Deszö, received a thorough musical education (piano and composition). In 1955, he became a soloist for the state concert artists' agency Filharmónia. He and Klara, who would later become his wife, left Hungary in 1960 (within the context of a music competition). In the same year he was hired as a civil servant at the University Mozarteum Salzburg and took on a professorship for piano in 1986 with a focus on contemporary music. He lectured on 20th Century Music and the Romantic era until his retirement in 1998.
All his works composed before 1960 have been lost, with the exception of two, and all electronic and computer pieces (from his time in New York in 1986 and in Paris 1980 with IRCAM) are untraceable. He has performed, as a pianist, some one hundred world premieres of other contemporary composers. He has also performed at numerous festivals and on recordings with various broadcasting stations.